Success Stories

“I worked with Parastoo for six months, and right from the beginning, I knew I made the right choice. What was very important to me was that my training plan be tailored to my specific goals, and Parastoo offered exactly that. The feedback and suggestions along the way were very helpful, and kept me in line working towards my goals. If you have a specific goal, and need help reaching it, Parastoo can help you reach it with a plan that incorporates your personal needs.”-Ben Tait, Ottawa, Canada

“In the few months that I’ve worked with Parastoo, the greatest thing she has done for me is give me hope. I now feel that my goals are actually possible since she has outlined a path for me that is actually realistic, fun and slightly challenging to take to get there and laugh all the way!”-Leah Neathway, Ottawa, Canada

“Over the past year, I have not only become psychically stronger and healthier but I was able to alleviate most of my symptoms associated with depression and anxiety- all through nutrition. I was able to stop taking one of my anti-depressants and lead a mentally stable life. Parastoo provides unconditional support and will always do what’s in YOUR best interest. She’s always available to answer questions and often acts as a personal cheerleader. I couldn’t have done this without her.”- Jennifer Brooks, Ottawa, Canada

“I originally was so skeptical to get a trainer, but a month with Parastoo and I knew I had made the right decision. I thought I would just get really good workout plans tailored to me. Which I have and love! What I didn’t expect was that I was going to get a full wellness trainer with a wealth of knowledge. Parastoo has not only helped me loose weight, but she has also helped me change my entire lifestyle PERMANENTLY. She helps you provide the right tools to handle anything that life throws at you, in good times and bad. She is considerate, listens and knows her stuff. For the past year, she has helped me in ways that I did not expect and today can’t live without. Taking care of yourself is important, and in times where we ourselves forget, Parastoo will always be there to help remind you.” – Upasna Sharma, Toronto, Canada

“Parastoo has been a saviour for my fitness journey! She has shown me effective ways of staying fit, becoming stronger and empowering myself through holistic health and wellness. I feel more powerful and truly happier than ever as a result of her professional and effective guidance. To see real results on a weekly basis (like my strength increase from week to week) is an incredible feeling, more than I could have ever dreamed. Trusting Parastoo’s guidance (along with her incredible support) has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my wellbeing and health!” – Julia Abraszko, Ottawa, Canada

“I had the pleasure of being trained by Parastoo for a couple of months and I absolutely loved it. She is an amazing trainer! She is very knowledgeable, designs programs based on the person’s abilities and goals, she observes to make sure you use proper form and helps you make any adjustments to avoid injury and she is super fun to work out with. She pushes you in a good way. One thing I loved about being trained by her is that she always motivated me and believed that I could do better even when I didn’t believe it myself. I can guarantee you are in great hands when training with my girl P2 :)” – Milena Swiderska, Toronto, Canada

“I am one of those people who avoids any strenuous activity. When a friend recommended Parastoo, I thought I might as well try another fitness trainer not expecting too much based on my previous experiences with other trainers. After 6 weeks, I feel amazing physically! Parastoo is a great trainer who focuses on form and encourages me every step of the way. I am doing things at the gym that I never thought I would be able to do!! In just a few weeks, I am more active, sleep better and feel healthy! I have already recommended her to a bunch of people for the Parastoo experience!” – Sahar Zaidi, Toronto, Canada

“I have been training with Parastoo for almost a year. Using her training/diet plan made a great way to impact on my set goals. She takes everything into consideration by adjusting workout routine and diet according to my feedback. She is very motivating and involved in my workout which always gives me an extra push. I definitely recommend Parastoo for anyone who is looking to meet their fitness goal over any period of time.” – Andrey Fedorov, Toronto, Canada