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How well do you know your goals? How well do you track your progress? How empowered do you feel to implement the strategies that work for you? In the journey of life and sports, the path is often rough, filled with obstacles, and there are no shortcuts. Your mindset and nutrition, while usually sidelined, become your most loyal allies in helping you overcome these challenges to become a better version of yourself as an athlete and a human.

With Level UP, we've stripped down the complexities and eliminated the noise to present you with clarity. It's not just about training harder but to also prioritize the other elements to support your fitness objective: more effective for the short term and sustainable for the long term. This includes visualization, self talk stress management, improved sustainable nutrition, and better performance and recovery. Level UP is about stepping beyond your comfort zone, challenging the status quo, and daring to demand more from yourself.


Level UP is designed for amateur athletes, high performers, or anyone who wants to improve their mindset and relationship with food.

It teaches you the fundamentals, so it's accessible to beginners and serves as a thorough review for advanced learners. 


Level Up helps you

master key concepts

Efficiently absorb game-changing, tangible content.

access Affordable Excellence

Top-tier mental training & nutrition knowledge that doesn't break the bank.

Learn at Your Pace

Self-paced learning lets you control your progress.

Endless Reinforcement

Revisit content anytime to solidify understanding.

Break Boundaries

Push beyond your comfort zones, expanding your potential.


this course focuses
on 2 significant pillars







Our goal is to make things challenging,
but not harder than they need to be.

Level UP encourages sustainable approaches, gradual progress, & personalized strategies, rather than extreme methods or generic advice.

meet your


Parastoo badie

My approach to coaching recognizes that nutrition and fitness are tools that support mindset and encourage self-preservation. 

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Dylan Nadler

Founder of MindLock, Dylan Nadler is a mental performance coach to some of the most successful athletes around the world. Trusted by stars in organizations such as the UFC, Bellator, Olympics, NCAA and more, Dylan has become one of the most sought out mental coaches in elite sport. As the former captain of the Canadian
national Taekwondo team with a world ranking in the top-40, Dylan delves into his rich athletic experience to provide a training system that is grounded in real- world applications for the modern-day athlete.

Mental Performance Coach

As part of the program, you'll receive:

● Videos coaching lessons

● Access to our level up community

● Direct support to questions & Concerns

● Text materials & fillable PDFs

● TACTICAL exercises

● baseline assesements

As part of
the program,
you'll receive:

inside the courses

take a peak

nutrition fundamentals

Lesson 01

Mastering Fundamentals

Lesson 02

Building Awareness

Lesson 03

Reviewing Sustainable Strategies

Lesson 04

Eating for Performance

Lesson 05

Refining the Specifics

Lesson 06

Competition & Post-Competition

the mindset variable

Lesson 01

Champion Goal-Setting

Lesson 02

Mastering Self-Talk

Lesson 03

Performer Identity

Lesson 04

Meditation & Awareness

Lesson 05

Meditation, Imagery & Visualization

Lesson 06

Real-World Applications


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Level up

Once registered, you'll get immediate access to the the Mindset Variable  and Nutrition Fundamentals. The suggested time frame for the course is 12 weeks (6 weeks for mindset, 6 weeks for nutrition), but you can adjust this to suit your needs.


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level up

Push past the boundaries of the ordinary, redefine your limits, and unlock your full athletic potential. Level Up is not just a course—it's a community, it's a lifestyle, it's your pathway to success.