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What is freedom?

Maybe it’s leaving a toxic relationship.
Maybe it’s choosing what to do with your body.
Maybe it’s opportunities with work and career.
Maybe it’s driving really fast and feeling the wind in your hair.

Freedom to me is having choices and making a choice because I want to, not because I have to.

One of my favourite places is my face pressing against the glass of a plane. 2 year old me and 30-year-old me have a lot in common. I have dreamed up everything I have now at some point just sitting on a plane. I love seeing the beauty, the endless clouds, and shades of perfection, and in these moments I most appreciate the cheesy line: “the sky is the limit.” I chose to make many changes because I felt caged. I itched to release my wings and soar; to throw myself into my passion to see where it goes; to have time and financial freedom to live my life on my terms while contributing to my community, and doing my best to make an impact.

But I have so much more I want to do, things to learn, places to see, people to meet, experiences to explore. Yet, it will happen because I have the blessings, the given freedoms, and the created freedoms. I won’t ever allow another person, situation, or job cage me. I won’t ever take my privileges and freedoms for granted. What use am I to myself or to others if I’m not soaring?

So if you’re feeling stuck, decide.

What will make you unstuck?

What will empower you?

What does freedom look like for you?

What do you want to do with your time?

What values align with you?

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

What changes do you have to make to bring that to life? Is it how you treat yourself? Is it nourishing and moving your mind and body so you can have the energy to figure it out? Is it leaving behind a toxic situation? Is it signing up for that thing you always wanted to do?

And if you’re not sure where to start maybe hop on a plane with a journal and see where your mind goes. Don’t let fear interfere with possibilities. I mean if we can fly in a machine and end up across the world, what isn’t possible?


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What is freedom?

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