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Learn about how to get stronger, upgrade your mindset and cultivate a healthier relationship with food. I’m a Nutrition and Fitness Coach who advocates for strength, empowerment and education. Think of me as your personal sidekick. We're just two people with the same vision: a healthier, stronger, happier…YOU!

Learn about how to get stronger, upgrade your mindset and cultivate a healthier relationship with food. Let's work together towards a healthier, stronger, happier YOU!

Nutrition Science, Life Coaching & Mental Health Advocacy 

LISTEN NOW. TW: This episode speaks about mental health issues.

In a world that often prioritizes quick fixes and superficial metrics, the pursuit of authentic health requires a deep understanding of the self and a willingness to explore the intersection of our nutritional habits and emotional state. In the latest podcast episode, we delve into the holistic approach to wellness with Laura, a seasoned expert in nutrition science, fitness, and life coaching.

Laura’s Evolution:

Laura’s own evolution from a focus on strict dieting to an appreciation for the emotional underpinnings of eating patterns serves as a mirror to many who struggle with similar issues. She candidly shares her transition from weight loss coaching to aiding clients in identifying the root causes of their dietary choices. It’s a testament to the power of self-awareness and the profound impact it can have on our behavior and overall well-being.

Challenging Conventional Definitions of Health:

The podcast episode also challenges the conventional definitions of health that are often limited to physical fitness and nutrition. Laura and the host discuss the necessity of a holistic view, one that acknowledges mental health, the joy found in daily life, and personal satisfaction as integral components of wellness. Laura’s journey from over-exercising and under-eating to a more balanced lifestyle underscores the idea that health is deeply personal and should be tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Broader Implications of Food Choices:

In one chapter, the narrative turns towards the broader implications of our food choices, examining how diet culture and healthcare can shift towards a more interconnected and holistic approach. Laura highlights the importance of emotional support and education in achieving sustainable health outcomes, and the need for a collaborative network among health practitioners.

Emotional Relationship with Food:

As we explore Laura’s nuanced relationship with food, we are reminded of the pitfalls of labeling foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and the emotional triggers that often accompany our eating habits. The episode underscores the importance of focusing on how food makes us feel rather than attempting to control it. This segues into a discussion on the significance of behavior change, where emotional eating can be replaced with healthier activities like walking or meditation.

Reflections on Personal Journey:

Towards the end of the episode, Laura reflects on her journey of navigating OCD and its influence on her relationship with food and self-image. She shares the strategies and tools she employed to address the emotional roots of her triggers. Her story is one of resilience and self-discovery, encouraging listeners to embrace their uniqueness and cherish the relationships with those who accept them for who they are.

In conclusion, this episode imparts a message of empowerment through vulnerability. By journaling our experiences and sharing our narratives, we can find strength in what we once perceived as weaknesses. Laura’s story is not just one of personal triumph but a beacon of hope for anyone on their path to wellness. Authentic health is a journey that goes beyond diet and exercise, reaching into the very core of our emotional being. This episode serves as a reminder that by nurturing our mental and emotional health, we can unlock a level of wellness that radiates from within, offering a more fulfilled and balanced life.

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Nutrition Science, Life Coaching & Mental Health Advocacy 

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